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 our straight back   german shepherds
             in Va.


We are breeders that are very committed to producing the strongest genetics possible. We provide all documentation for Hip certification and their dm test results 

    I am here to provide your family

      with an awesome companion,

    safe for your children and

      other animals in your home.

If you any questions,

please do not hesitate

to call us

at 703-209-1743

There are no questions

that is too small to ask us. 


                     My Sanctuary Retreat

             A Place of Love and Protection

               We breed only straight back

                     German Shepherds

                that are AKC registered,

                          Hip Certified and

              DM Tested Cleared/Normal



        Sheeba is the start of our blood line

           She produced incredible babies

            with awesome temperaments.

           Her original straight back was

               also produced in her line.

         Her legacy will live on in many

                     12/2004 - 8/2017

Nina, Sheeba's daughter

nina 2010 1.jpg

We work together as a family in raising these magnificent dogs. They are loved and cared for by all of us. We work with our dogs to make sure they receive the special attention they need. Our German Shepherd puppies will be loyal and protective for your family. All they need in return is  for your family to love and care for them for life.

sheeba litter8.jpg
sheeba 2011 7.jpg

Since 2004 we have spent years finding straight back German Shepherds with strong genetics and DM cleared into our blood line. We are very proud of our accomplishments. If you are interested in a puppy or have any questions
please call us at 703-444-9775
or email us at
We are located in
Sterling, Virginia
A Video Below with my
German Shepherd Puppies and Their Families

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