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June 2024

We are looking at the end of June for babies' arrival. Pictures below will show you some of their puppies from previous litters. If you are interested, call us at 703-209-1743


Neeka 1.jpg


Neeka and Dallas
Their puppies below

Zayda and Storms Puppies Born

All Puppies are in their new homes

Puppies are 5 weeks old

Puppies first feeding

We have 1 female available

If you or someone you know is interested

call us at 703-209-1743

A 10.jpg
A 1_edited.jpg
A 7.jpg
A 2_edited.jpg
A 3_edited.jpg

Puppies Are Here
Storm and Zayda's babies born 1/5/2024
Both parents are AKC registered,
Penn Hip Certified and DM cleared.
If you or someone you know is looking
for a for a Germen Shepherd puppy,
call us at 703-444-9775 or my cell 703-209-1743


Pic 5.jpg
pic 7_edited_edited_edited.jpg



Zayda and Storm
Puppies coming 1/2024

Zayda and Storm are having their first litter in 1/2024 Storm is my 4th generation with Excellent hip certification and DM Cleared. Zayda hip Certified Good and DM cleared.

If you or someone you know is interested, please call us at

703-444-9775 or my cell 703-209-1743

A storm n Zayda 1_edited_edited.jpg

We are looking at early January litter. These two are your original straight back German Shepherds. They are Hip Certified and DM Cleared

A Zayda.jpg

Zayda came from an Excellent breeder from Missouri with my same breeding program of clean blood lines


Storm is my 4th Generation of the original Straight Back German Shepherd. All of mine are DM cleared and hip certified. We have worked very hard to find breeders like us who believe in the Original German Shepherd structure

Spencer has been placed in a wonderful home. We are so thankful for the awesome families we have for our babies.

A spen1_edited.jpg

  Puppies born            9/24/2020  

pups2020 9 24.jpg
litter allena.jpg

as a pup

A spen.jpg

        Born 8/31/2019
    Ceasar and Allena


allena pups2018.jpg

Born 4/23/2018
Allena and Ace

allena 2018.jpg
pup 8 31.jpg

A recording of my grand son singing to his puppies

Allena 2021 4.jpg
Allena 2021 3.jpg


Storm 4_edited.jpg

Penn Hip results


Penn Hip Storm.jpg

These are pictures from our litter from 7/1/2023 We raise our puppies in our home with our family and friends. They are well socialized with people and all my dogs and cats

Pup 5 wks.jpg
Sleeping babies_edited.jpg
Cathy pup1_edited.jpg
Rose with pups1.jpg
group shot_edited_edited.jpg
pup with new family_edited.jpg

Neeka and Dallas's babies arrived
July 1, 2023

 Zayda &   Storm's   Upcoming
      Fall 2023           

Please do not hesitate
to call me with any questions you may have at
H- 703-444-9775 0r cell-703-209-1743





dallas 2.jpg
Zayda 1.jpg



Neeka and Dallas's Puppies
Born 7/1/2023

pup 3_edited.jpg
Pup 1.jpg
Neeka pup7_edited.jpg

Neeka and Dallas's
babies from their first litter
Nov. 2022 

A pup2.jpg

Puppy Home Guide

  • Stay consistent with your words when addressing your puppy

  • Never let your puppy play bite, close the puppies mouth with your hand and say no biting

  • Fresh water every day, NEVER let your dogs drink from puddles, river or lakes!!!

  • If you have county water, use bottled or filtered from your frig.. My puppies are raised on well water so county water has lots of chlorine not to mention contaminates.

  • Feed your puppy twice a day always use water with their food. At the beginning soak just a few mins. Start out with 1 1/2 cups each feeding then increase after 10 days through a one week period to 1 3/4 twice a day. Continue for a couple weeks and increase again to 2 cups twice a day. When they are about 16 wks increase to 2 ½ cups twice a day. Over 6-9 months of age  then you should be at 3 cups twice a day.

  • German Shepherds NEED to grow slow. They will go through a very slender stage. DO not increase food because they look skinny to you. They WILL NOT fill out. They will only grow quicker and this is the worst you can do. By growing to fast you will create bone pains causing your dog to limp. There are vets that will tell you your puppy is to skinny, or people will tell you this also, do not listen. If your vet doesn’t understand the stages of German Shepherds, they’ll convince you to either increase or change to their food. Do not change their food if their potty is firm.

  • Understanding the Bloat. Do research on this horrific condition!!!!! Large breeds can be susceptible to the bloat and here are the major contributors to this condition. Not as a puppy, it's when they are closer to full grown 9-12 months of age

  • NO Exercising, running or major playing on a FULL STOMACH Any activities on an empty stomach

  • Once you feed your dog they are to settle down for at least 4-6 hours. They can go out to the bath room or small walks but that’s it.

  • Access to water at all times. When a puppy not at night time until better trained. Consuming a lot of water at once can cause gas in the stomach and cause the bloat. Not as a puppy but as they get older.

  • Potting training your puppy:

  • No playing with your puppy until they potty, praise them then play

  • The second they wake up take the puppy out

  • After they eat take your puppy out

  • After they drink water, out they go

  • Always praise your puppy when they’ve gone potty outside

  • If they make a mistake inside never put their nose in it, firm voice not in the house and pick your puppy up and take them out. If they do potty more outside then praise them 

  • Nothing to drink after their last time out for the night 

  •  NEVER take you puppy/dog into any pet store, dog parks because there are many viruses

  • Do not take your puppy anywhere near other animals until the 3rd  vaccination of distemper shots is given.

  • The first distemper is given at 7weeks by me, then every 3rd week another is given. If you go over 4 weeks then you HAVE to start the series over. That’s why I recommend every 3rd week

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