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Neeka is the Great Grand daughter of Sheeba, the start of my blood line. She is absolutely an incredible German Shepherd


Zayda 1.jpg

Zayda came into our family at 8 weeks old. We drove to Missouri  to get her from a breeder who breeds just like us. Zayda is full of life. She absolutely love us and it incredible with children. DM Cleared and PennHip Cert. We are looking forward to her first litter in the Fall 2023

Zayda's DM Results

zayda dm_edited.jpg



Allena came into our family at 8 weeks old. We bought her from a breeder in Chicago. Allena has a beautiful personality. She absolutely loves people and children. She absolutely 

 loves having puppies and she truly is an excellent mom

     Allena's DM

    Test Normal



Nina Born 2/2009


Nina was our first puppy from Sheeba, who was the start of our blood line. Nina's father was a gorgeous By-Color who was magnificent. Nina has been our best protector of our family. She loves us and mostly her human children. Nina had several litters and she was the best mom. On my gallery page you will see many litter from all my girls showing you the love this family has for our grown-up dogs and our puppies.

Nina's DM Test Normal

nina4 2012.jpg

Sheeba 12/2004-8/2017


Sheeba came into my life a year after my divorce.  I started searching for a straight back German Shepherd right after my separation. I had Nikki at the time but wanted a female to start breeding for the soul purpose of bringing back the original structure of these dogs. She was 10 months old when I found her. There were two to choose from. I came close to taking both and my friend talked me out of it. Honest to God when the lady turned them loose out of her barn, Sheeba literally went down to the ground and crawled into my lap. Sheeba's sister was running circles around me. Both were awesome but Sheeba choose me. She laid in my lap the whole way home. Sheeba was the kindest soul and loved everyone who was good people. Sheeba loved children and bred this into all her puppies. She has touched many lives through out her life on this earth and I thank God He choose me to have her. Sheeba's spirit will live on forever. Her legacy will live on with her blood in many puppies. . Sheeba I know you are here with me in Spirit and I just want to thank you for the love and protection you gave me and everyone you loved.

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