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Ace Born Feb 2012


Ace we found from a breeder that reminded me so much of my mother. This breeder was retiring and Ace was her last litter. He has been an amazing contribution to my blood line. He has an awesome personality, great with people and children. Ace and Nina's son Caesar has taken over the breeding since we retired Ace. This has been a long journey and many years finding straight back German Shepherds with strong genetics. 

DM Test Normal

Penn Hip Cert. Excellent

Ace dm test.jpg

DM term for Degenerative Myelopathy is an incurable, progressive disease of the canine spinal cord. All mine are tested to make sure they are cleared/normal. I won't even allow a carrier of this disease into my blood line

Storm  8/2019

A storm1.jpg

Storm is the son of Caesar & Allena, Caesar is the son of Ace & Nina. Storm is my 3rd generation of Sheeba, the start of my blood line. All my puppies are the straight back German Shepherds that we have worked very hard to accomplish. Storm came out with extremely Excellent hips. He has a beautiful personality and loves his family.

          Storm growing

           into his body


Storm's Penn Hip Results


Penn Hip Storm.jpg

Dallas DM testing below


Caesar is the father of my Spring litter with my solid black female Allena. He has sired 3 litters and their babies are out standing. Caesar is the son of Ace and Nina, the grandson of my Sheeba. Keeping my blood line going is very important mostly because they all have the straight back, Excellent hips and DM cleared


Caesar's Hip certification


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